THE MEAT OF IT (with Michaelanthony)

Dr. Shawn Baker Interviewed Me! 🥩🇺🇲

January 30, 2022

My first conversation with one of my biggest inspirations ever, Dr. Shawn Baker!

He's the first doctor I followed in my carnivore journey. I've always appreciated his deep knowledge and ability to distill that into actionable advice. These days, I admire him all the more for his advocacy for medical freedom. 

Now, four years after he helped convert me to full carnivory, I'm a guest expert on Dr. Baker's Revero Podcast!

While I was prepared to focus mainly on the carnivore diet, the doc was mostly interested in discussing the strict mandates in my hometown of New York City, along with my part in the protests against them. 

It was such a special moment to meat with the first guy to teach me that meat is healthy! (The first two were Amber O'Hearn and Esmée La Fleur.)

My thanks again to Dr. Baker for a very meaningful conversation. 

Eat meat and live free, 

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