THE MEAT OF IT (with Michaelanthony)

“My Biggest Fear” ― A Carnivore Halloween Poem by Michaelanthony

October 24, 2021

My biggest fear on Halloween

is not a monster, nor a ghost.

Of all the tricks and treats I’ve seen,

the CANDY frightens me the most!


It rots your fangs ― but that’s not all.

With each confection comes a curse:

Once colds and flu return in fall,

the sugar makes infections worse!


When this dark time of year begins,

a high-carb lifestyle guarantees

spiked insulin, low vitamins, 

and other triggers for disease.


So as you prowl beneath the moon

remember, if you trick-or-treat:

you’re healthier and more immune

avoiding sweets and eating meat!


Happy Halloween!


Eat meat and stay healthy,






None of this is medical advice, but I hope it helps you as you consult trusted resources and professionals.


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