THE MEAT OF IT (with Michaelanthony)

The Anti-Meat Agenda ― What Carnivores Should Know (Before It’s Too Late)

April 17, 2021

An anti-meat agenda with backing from billionaires and multinational corporations is accelerating under the guise of urgent environmentalist action by world governments. 

In other words, fascists want to take your steak to “save the planet” with their profitable alternative proteins. They might let you eat insects, though.

Before 2030, we could actually be censored for promoting meat consumption, taxed for eating animal products, and pushed into consuming experimental and processed imitation beef. 

If this sounds alarmist, look at how little dissent is allowed regarding the pandemic. Authorities demand that everyone agree and comply for everyone else’s good. That’s also the plan for climate change initiatives, which include the attempted reduction or eradication of animal-based foods.

The World Economic Forum’s website says, “While we are reeling in the shock of what is happening around us and coming to terms with our new reality, we could seize this moment as a unique window of opportunity to re-build our society and economy as we want it. With scientists warning we have 10 years left to avoid the worst consequences of climate change, this could offer an opportunity to fix the climate crisis before it's too late.”

This article points to the rise of faith in experts during the pandemic and says, “We need to listen to climate scientists and policy advisors to win the climate change fight too.”

A search for “meat” on reveals a long-term anti-meat agenda with an urgent deadline coming soon. Including a series of reports titled “Meat: The Future.” Much of the focus is on reducing animal agriculture and encouraging what they call “alternative proteins.” The WEF claims that meat consumption hurts the environment along with human health. This kind of industry-led misinformation controls the culture, supporting their openly-stated goals. 

And remember: If we’re not allowed to disagree with experts on the pandemic today, we can’t expect freedom of speech around climate change once this becomes the focus.

What can we do, then? Live as healthy and free a life as possible. Here and now. You were born free, and you don’t need to wait for permission.

All this and more in perhaps my longest rant ever!

This discussion begins with an answer to a Patreon supporter’s question about the raw Primal diet. Since I haven’t tried that exact diet, we’ll look back at my very lazy attempt at Paleo years ago. Along with my present-day love of raw liver.

The anti-meat agenda discussion starts at around 13:00.

Another carnivore conversation should be coming very soon!


Eat meat and live freely,



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